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Website Design & Development Comparison Chart

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DIY Website
Small Firm
Design Quality
Looks Great & Mobile-Friendly
Most DIY sites have professional-looking starting templates and great tools to edit the look and feel of the site. But if you do not have a design skill-set, your lovely starting templates are likely to turn into a not-so-professional site. In our experience, most DIY sites have a short lifespan due to the lack of design know-how of their clients.
There is a large variation in the quality of websites created by freelancers and small firms. Many small firms build excellent sites, but many are less experienced in certain aspects of design, development, and SEO. In the end, you may get a website of similar or lesser quality to a ReadySite, but pay much more.
Large agencies are great at what they do. If you're looking for a big custom project with many specialized features, a large agency may be your best option. But of course, the costs for large projects are much higher than ReadySites. ReadySites have all the features most small to midsized businesses need.
ReadySites are built by our expert designers to be completely mobile-responsive, user-friendly, and beautiful. To keep the cost low, ReadySites don't include some of the bells and whistles you may get with a large agency project costing tens of thousands of dollars.
Customer Support
With Actual Humans
Without a dedicated support team, many Freelancers and Small Firms struggle to get edits done quickly (or at all). Freelancers in particular have a tendency to accept full time jobs, but then disappear. This can be frustrating and costly for a small business like yours.
Support time is included with every ReadySite. Our in-house team of experts can make edits for you, answer your questions, and make recommendations for your website.
Hosting, Backups, Page Speed
Freelancers and Small Firms typically have a lower level of technical knowledge. This lack of experience can cost you in hosting up-time, professional backups, and especially page speed load times. There is a range of expertise depending on the Freelancer or makeup of a small team. Some may be comparable to large agencies, but many are not.
Content Management Systems
Easy To Edit, Results Oriented
DIY sites have easy to use content and layout editing tools. But these tools typically underperform for search optimization and mobile responsiveness.
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